Our company

Founded in 2009 and based in Toulouse (France), Pylote is a key player in the cleantech industrial mineral and ceramic chemistry, globally recognized by its breakthrough and sustainable innovations.
Pylote is developing, producing and marketing a unique in-house natural protection solution patented from process to applications that solves issues faced by consumers with regards to safety, hygiene and sustainability.

Focusing on market success, Pylote accompanies its clients for regulatory, marketing and industrial steps to generate a powerful value proposition in a quick time to market, without neither investment nor change in the current manufacturing process.

Our mission, vision, values

Our mission

Develop and deliver cleaner, safer and greener innovative solutions to worldwide consumers that offer natural protection and contribute to a better life.

Our values

  • Improve quality of life
  • Improve quality of environment
  • Entrepreneur spirit
  • Innovate, bring new ideas
  • Experiment, put yourself in question, take initiatives
  • Stay humble and do not take yourself seriously
  • Act with conviction and courage
  • Act with respect, integrity and honesty
  • Walk the talk, be exemplary, be coherent
  • Alone we go faster, but together we go further

Our vision

The growing awareness of global health and environmental issues requires a quick implementation of responsible solutions. At Pylote, we are committed to contribute to a better life and a better world by continuously developing and delivering cleaner, safer and greener innovative solutions to worldwide consumers, without changing anything in the existing industrial process.

Our innovative technology

A world-first patented natural protection solution to avoid bacterial and viral contamination, based on a unique clean technology, patented & proprietary

  • 100% high purity ceramic microspheres
  • Homogeneously distributed into materials
  • Direct integration during conventional converting process,
    without any modification / impact / investment
  • Large spectrum antimicrobial activity, without migration or interaction

Mechanism of Pylote antimicrobial technology

Our recognitions

Patented from technology to applications

11+ worldwide patent families
covering the whole chain
from process to applications

Recognition by a large community of scientific experts

Market innovation awards