Deliver greener,
cleaner, safer
consumer products

Pylote is committed to green chemistry in the mineral and ceramic chemical sector.

Pylote conceives and develops innovative mineral microspheres to sell solutions which can be integrated into numerous consumer products without any change to the existing manufacturing process.

Pylote helps their clients, who are present in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, luxury, food or industrial markets, to propose to end-consumers more eco-friendly products, that are greener, cleaner and safer.

Smart & Innovative

An exclusive process methodology using water as the core of the chemical reaction.

  • Unique mineral microspheres creating smart materials
  • Micron microspheres for which we can manage the morphology, the size, the structure and density
  • An innovation enabling us to determine a microsphere’s properties

Clear & Green

A green and mineral Pulverised Pyrolysis technology which reduces the environmental impact of the manufacturing process

  • A certified eco-friendly process: no waste, no organic solvent & only one manufacturing step
  • Value added benefits to the product manufacturing process
  • A solution to HSE regulations


Pylote is commited to «Quality-Safety-Environment»
and aims to be ISO 9 001 and ISO 14 001 certified in 2016.

Pylote unites scientific and technical innovation to make a difference to everyday life, and promotes the benefits of green, mineral chemistry.